About us


Bubblegumrings is the new, small shop from Jonathan Johnson.

It almost sounds like a made-up, but Jonathan Johnson's fascination and great love for jewelry began with a ring from the chewing gum machine.

His very first ring, which he keeps to this day, a roughly carved skull with a sword, he pulled out of a chewing gum machine at the tender age of 7 during a summer vacation in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

With this new shop, we want to give our love for these little gems a stage of their own.

Like all pieces of jewelry by Jonathan Johnson, we also manufacture our bubblegum rings exclusively in our Hamburg factory using renewable energy sources and recycled materials.

Our philosophy is:

An intelligent piece of costume jewelery has to be produced fairly and locally and that's exactly what we do - for you!

Visit us on our base ship at: